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More than just a typical rave or dance party.

Headlining artist LÂLKA will perform music from her debut mixtape ‘Romance + Rebellion‘ (out June 2nd). Borneo-born and Meanjin-based, the music producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and DJ creates effervescent glitch future club music. Audiences will witness the artist’s skill at bending and moulding various genres such as hyperpop, J-core and hardcore to her own signature sound.

Cult Figure Club founder Artistique will kick things off with his custom set-up DJ set full of bangers, followed by QUIVR DJ program graduate DJ Nejmere‘s house/disco/r&b and Arab beats. Club Immaterial host with the most, Blair de Milo, will continue spinning danceable hyperpop tunes in the lead up to LÂLKA’s frenetic set. LÂLKA will joined by J-pop/J-idol girl group A-MUSE Project. Closing the party will be wild card Sassie Man.

As a neurodivergent artist who suffers from chronic illness(fibromyalgia), LÂLKA is prioritising accessibility for this event with the following measures to be put in place:

  • a sliding scale for ticket pricing
  • a chill-out space to allow folks to take a break without having to leave the event,
  • Community Officers to provide support for patrons
  • assistance to accessible bathrooms

The deliberately limited number of tickets available (less than 100) is set in place to foster active participation from the attendees: instead of passively consuming the entertainment, they get to be within close proximity of the performers for an experience that will be more personal than the larger, more commercial raves.

This event is jointly presented by Cult Figure ClubClub Immaterial and QUIVR.

The organisers of this event acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal peoples as the traditional owners of the land on which we operate. We recognise their continued connection to the land, and pay respect to elders past present and emerging. Always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


LÂLKA‘s frenetic stylings, classical training background and golden-eared pop hooks – which she presents through the lens of her own experiences as a queer neurodivergent woman of colour – have earnt her support from triple j, triple j Unearthed, BBC Radio 6, The Guardian AU, Stoney Roads, NME AU, Futuremag Music, Mixmag Asia and many more, also appearing on DSP playlists like the Australia Viral 50, New Music Friday AU & NZ, and Fresh Finds: Hyptronix.


Crafted as she emerged from a significant relationship breakdown, multiple hospitalisations, and the eventual diagnoses of fibromyalgia and autism, the fierce, futuristic-sounding Romance + Rebellion mixtape (produced, written, mixed and performed by LÂLKA with mastering from Becki Whitton aka Aphir) is a result of LÂLKA “find[ing] solace in the digital space”, celebrating the beauty of finding love in a precarious reality and her righteous, cathartic rebellion against a conservative Pentecostal Christian upbringing, resulting in a reconstruction of self. A cohesive and immersive journey that seamlessly blends elements of hyperpop, J-core, Euro-dance and hardcore through its breathtaking twists & turns via envelope-pushing sound design, “kawaii” melodies, hard-hitting beats and LÂLKA’s signature vocals, the result is a tape that’s as nostalgic, optimistic and otherworldly as it is brutal, driving and hedonistic, structured in a way that’s ripe for underground raves, otaku nightclubs and industrial warehouse parties – ultimately arriving at empowerment through it all, bringing the listener along with it.


LÂLKA says, “The [mixtape] is hyperintense – for me personally, and for many other neurodivergent people too, [my] brain is hyperactive, quick to think yet chaotic, and simply EXISTING in a neurotypical world on some days is too intense. The music [on Romance + Rebellion] is visceral – just like my pain is felt so deeply in my body. I went through some significant and traumatic events and I found myself slowly reconstructing my sense of self. My illness was largely due to the neural pathways of my brain, and neurodivergent folks like myself simply have our brains wired differently. Thanks to advice from my therapist, I’m working on mindsets and mental shifts to help me not just be happier, but to learn how to live better with both chronic illness and neurodivergence.”


With appearances at Laneway Festival (Bris), FOMO (Bris), BIGSOUND (2019 and 2022 – with The AU Review describing her live show as a “sensory spectacle”), Melbourne Fashion Festival, and more already under her belt, LÂLKA’s debut EP The Way Music Looks (2021) featured contributions from fellow electronic boundary-pushers Ninajirachi, Oh Boy, Donatachi, MUKI and BRUX, followed up by her Euphoria EP (2022) with features from Chaii, Evangeline and Bopcorn – with the latter being her first physical release, which sold out. A relentlessly community-minded artist, LÂLKA has contributed to albums by artists like Donatachi and Feels as well as shared stages with Charli XCX, Genesis Owusu, Ninajirachi, Kota Banks, Haiku Hands, and Your Girl Pho to name a few.


LÂLKA’s most recent singles, ‘What If We Kiss To Break The Tension?’ & ‘Lilith’, which were released as NFTs/digital pressings before selling out entirely, will also appear on the tape, with the former added to Spotify’s Hyperpop playlist and the latter added to rotation with FBi Radio, EnergyGroove Radio and Edge Radio, plus support from triple j, triple j Unearthed, 4ZZZ, SYN, 2SER, Triple R, JOY, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers and more.


Is the venue accessible by public transport?

Yes, plenty of bus routes take you close to the venue. The closest train station is the Fortitude Valley Station.

Is there parking close to the venue?

There is street parking on McLachlan St and on the streets nearby, although parking cannot be guaranteed. To guarantee a parking spot, you can book online through Wilson’s Parking or Secure Parking.

Are there accessible toilets at the venue?

Toilets located at Winn Lane are not accessible for wheelchair users. However, toilets at nearby California Lane are accessible for wheelchair users. Our Community Officer will be able to guide you to the California Lane toilets should you require them.

What is the chill-out space?

This is a separate room away from the heart of the party. Equipped with couches, blankets, and cushions, this space is a sanctuary for those needing a break from the sensory overload of the party without having to leave the event. Our Community Officer will be able to assist you if you need.

Should I bring earplugs?

It’s customary for music at dance parties to be loud, so we definitely recommend ear-protection! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide attendees with earplugs so we encourage you to bring your own.

Are food and drinks available at the event?

QUIVR bar will be stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Ben’s Burgers is next door if you’re looking for food.

What do I do if I feel unsafe at the event?

Racist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist behaviours will not be tolerated. If you are feeling unsafe at the event, please approach one of our Community Officers or text the number that will be displayed at the venue.

I have a disability – how will you accommodate my needs?

Please contact lalka@lalka.online before the event to tell us how we can best accommodate your needs.

I’m the holder of a LÂLKA NFT – do I still need to purchase a ticket?

Your LÂLKA NFT grants you access to the event, so there is no need to purchase a ticket! Note that this access is only for the current holder of the NFT. Your name will be on the guest list.

I’d like to attend the event but have limited financial resources. What can I do?

Tickets are offered on a sliding scale to make this event as accessible as possible. Ticket sales go towards covering the cost of putting on this event. If you are still unable to purchase a ticket at the lowest price point, please email lalka@lalka.online to discuss your options. Music should be accessible to everyone no matter their economic position, so we will try our best to come up with a solution.